KOOL Koncert '07

16 June 2007

Coors Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO


KOOL 105.1 decided to restructure the KOOL Koncert by breaking it up into two days. I like the new format--less bands, longer sets. I attempted to attend Day 1 but had a last-hour conflict.

Day 2 featured mostly bands that I had seen before, but because of the longer set format, I got to see live versions of songs that I hadn't seen before.

For starters, the Turtles setist transformed from a bandwagon nostalgia medley into a 1 hour, 5 minute set that, besides including the standard "Happy Together", "You Baby", "It Ain't Me Babe" (with Mark Volman ["Flo"] on rhythm guitar, "Elenore", and "You Showed Me", also included "The Story Of Rock & Roll" and "Daydream Believer". Flo, showing a noticeable limp while moving across the stage, introduced "Eve Of Destruction" with somewhat uncharacteristic political commentary about the state of world security, and was also emotional in expressing his appreciation for being able to perform in front of live audiences, even confessing that he was not sure whether or not 2007 would be their last year of touring. "She'd Rather Be With Me" featured Flo on cowbell. Flo and Eddie (Howard Kaylan) introduced "She's My Girl" as the song they nervously performed on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Next up was Felix Cavaliere's Rascals. I was able to see Felix in 1995 when he toured with Ringo and His All-Starr Band, but I missed an opportunity to see a full show by him and his band in 1997. Today's set including several covers, such as "Soul Man" and "Mustang Sally", but generously dug into their popular catalog, opening with "Come On Up", and continuing with a rollicking "Love Is A Beautiful Thing", "What Is The Reason", and "Ray Of Hope". Massive hits dominated the performance with "I've Been Lonely Too Long", "Groovin'", "A Girl Like You", "How Can I Be Sure", "It's A Beautiful Morning", "People Got To Be Free", and "Good Lovin'". I hold Felix in very high regard as one of the very best Hammond B-3 organ players, and the regard that other musicians hold for this blues master was evident with Flo, Eddie, and a pink polyester-shirt-sporting Tommy James, all tapping their feet. on the side of the large Coors Amphitheatre stage.

Next, WAR (without Eric Burden). I've never been a huge fan of Eric Burden, but then again I've never been a huge fan of WAR. Though, they did perform several tunes I'm familiar with, "Low Rider", "Why Can't We Be Friends", "The Cisco Kid", and "Spill The Wine".

Finally, Tommy James and his Shondells got to lay out a setlist lasting over an hour, resembling, quite closely, what has essentially been his full-show setlist for the last decade if not more. His six-piece ensemble opened with the catchy "Draggin' The Line", and followed with the gorgeous "Crystal Blue Persuasion", "Gettin' Together", the recent A/C hit "Hold The Fire", "Tighter Tighter", a rare "Do Something To Me", "Crimson & Clover", "Hanky Panky", "I Think We're Alone Now", "Mony Mony", "Sweet Cherry Wine", and "Mirage"/"Mony Mony (Reprise)". Tommy courageously took a walk through the front audience to shake hands towards the end of the set.

By the way, the weather was perfect--high overcast, warm, no sunburn, no winds. I killed about $30 on way-overpriced concession food. A wonderful overall day, with a concert I'm glad I decided to burn $56 for.

[****] - Steven T.


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