18 March 2006

Red & Jerry's, Sheridan, CO


Relatively new venue. When traveling to Sheridan, I was slightly concerned that I might not be able to find the establishment. Interestingly, it turned out to be literally one block away from the neighborhood where my favorite Denver-area auto salvage yards exist.

Red & Jerry's is a rather large, nicely-attired, wide-variety nightclub, that, on occasion, moves some furniture aside for a stage and an array of seats. Two country-rock bands took the stage, and about 1000 patrons took to their seats by 9 P.M. this snowy Saturday evening.

Craig Fuller and his Pure Prairie League opened with a 1 1/2 hour set, featuring "Let Me Love You Tonight" and "Amie". I'd say they're more country-country-rock than country-rock.

The headliner took the same stage about a half our later, with Paul Cotton front and center, now recoverd from a scary heart ailment while on tour in Europe last year. He looked trimmer than I'd ever seen him.

The setlist was substantially similar to those of their Summer 2005 tour, with "Under The Gun", "Save A Corner Of Your Heart", "Call It Love", and "Rose of Cimarron", which Rusty introduced with a story about being in Europe, hearing a German version of the song, with lyrics describing a suicide mission on a Messerschmitt.

Poco saluted Richie with "Pickin' Up The Pieces". No Richie Furay tonight--and though he didn't apparently make a visitation trek from Boulder, I noticed that his songwriting partner Scott Sellen did.

The acoustic interlude featured "Keep On Tryin'", "Crazy Love", "Bad Weather", and "Hard Country" from Jack Sundrud's recent solo album, By My Own Hand.

Also on the setlist were Jack Sundrud's "Shake It" from Running Horse, "Indian Summer", and "Cajun Moon"

"Magnolia" and "Heart Of The Night" took on completely new visuals, with Paul adding lyrics depicting the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to the city common to both songs, New Orleans.

Jock Bartley, from Colorado's own Firefall, joined the band during the encore!

As before, the band was very, very polite and kind when signing various forms of merchandise after the show. George Lawrence, with a new haircut, even stepped in.

[****] - Steven T.

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