Huey Lewis and the News

24 June 1999

Independence Stampede, Greeley, CO


One of my college roommates was, and is, a devoted fan of this bay area, multi-million selling '80's band. I now see why.

Huey Lewis hasn't aged much--he appears about 10-15 years younger than life. In fact, the Maroon-colored jump suit he sported this evening must have appeared in some of their videos from 15 years ago.

The band has continued its recent attitude of bucking commercial trends, and getting down to what they're best at. Their 1988 release, Small World, may have lost a fan or two, but demonstrated the diverse, and highly capable musicianship of the six band members. In the last four years or so, the News has concentrated more on their R & B roots.

To hit that point home, they opened with "Some Kind of Wonderful". They furthered the point with the likes of "But It's Alright", "60 Minute Man", "My Other Woman's Got Another Man", and "(Cause) It's Alright". Interestingly, "He Don't Know" was one of only two selected from that 1991 release, Hard At Play.

The most powerful tune of the night was a foot-stompin' "Heart and Soul". The most unique part of the show occurred when a cowgirl (not sure if she's from Greeley) held the glockenspiel for Huey's solo during "But It's Alright".

Chris Hayes, lead guitarist and brother of songwriter Bonnie Hayes, was able to unleash on several solos, showing reserved, but outstanding fretwork. Johnny Colla's occasional guitar work added to to fun.

The show's encore included "Workin' For A Livin'", and "Couple Days Off".

The band courageously left out many commercial favorites, including the #1 singles, "Stuck With You" and "Jacob's Ladder". And, despite their apparently partial desire to leave their MTV image behind, Huey Lewis and the News is managing to keep a very strong following. A great show for aisle dancing!

[****] - Steven T.

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