.38 Special

14 August 1998

Grizzly Rose, Thornton, CO


This performance of .38 Special began in awkward fashion. The band walked out and performed a typical opener, "20th Century Fox", with Don Barnes handling all lead vocals--no Donnie Van Zant. Where was he? Well, after the first song, Barnes informed the audience that Van Zant had broken a leg a few days earlier, having slipped off the stage during one of his entertaining mad dash antics.

Also gone from the lineup is lead guitar player Jeff Carlisi. This being said, Barnes and company held their own pretty well and managed to put on a very good show. The setlist was very similar to their 12 September 1996 Concert at the same venue.

After this show, I was lucky to get a souvenir guitar pick from Barnes himself. Barnes showed incredible enthusiasm towards us fans from Colorado, and wasn't afraid to rip into excellent improvisational lead guitar licks between songs. Full of energy.

So, despite the adversity, another nice show from the Wild Eyed Southern Boys from Jacksonville, South Carolina.


[***] - Steven T.

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