KKFM Summer Jam '98

18 July 1998

Falcon Stadium, Colorado Springs, CO


Every year, Colorado Springs classic rock station 98.1 KKFM hosts a summer concert in conjunction with the Colorado Chili Cook-Off. In essence, while bands perform on a large makeshift stage that breaks the wind of Summer in Colorado Springs, several novice chefs competitively fill the air with their unique recipes of chili.

This year, KKFM decided to carry out the festivities on the hot pavement of the Falcon Stadium parking lot, on the grounds of the Air Force Academy, just a few miles North of downtown Colorado Springs. Some years, the classic rockers at 98.1 have booked some exciting lineups, other years not. This year was better than average.

Leading off the bill was a local band, the Inman Brothers, arguably one of the 2 or 3 best bands in Colorado Springs, rivaling Mistaken Identity. Some have criticized the band as being popular as a result of circumstance as opposed to genuine talent. A few years back, while performing at a nightclub on Fillmore Avenue, one of the bandmembers was sadly struck in the arm by a stray bullet during a bar room altercation. He survived, as did the band. The Inman Brothers have been playing together for several tight years, and their sound reflects it.

Next up was Firefall. This show, they opened up with one of my favorites of theirs, the relatively obscure, "So Long", with profound lyrics such as, "You can say you know what happened, you can say that I was wrong, you can say most anything you want to.....I just say 'So Long'". The rest of the show was basically a repeat of their 1993 KKFM Chili Cook-Off show.

The headliner was the ubiquitous Eddie Money. A repeat of his 1996 Grizzley Rose show, an encore of his 1997 Thin Air Jam set.

I got to meet Disc Jockey Mark Stevens, and chatted with him about the recent termination of News Anchor Beth Clements. I told him that I felt the firing was very unfortunate, because she seemed to offer unique chemistry to the 98.1 KKFM morning show. He agreed. Though we miss her, we're sure she's doing very well now, having returned to her career as a professional stripper.

I've lived in Colorado Springs since 1988. Classic Rock 98.1 KKFM is like family.

[****] - Steven T.

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