Thin Air Jam '97

1 August 1997

Pershing Field, Fort Carson, CO


Rock stars who support our troops are the tops. On this sunny Friday evening, three veterans of popular music took to a temporary stage, built only for this event, in the middle of what resembles a cow pasture--the parade field near the North gate of Fort Carson.

While waiting in line, I met a civil service employee of Fort Carson named Kim, with whom I shared a blanket that acted as a barrier between us and the soggy grass of the parade field. Having not thought to bring lawn chairs, this makeshift recliner provided a comfortable view of the concert.

Eddie Money opened the show--nothing really unique to mention here--pretty much the same show he has done for most of the 1990s: Eddie Money, 19 June 1996, Grizzley Rose.

Alice Cooper was next--first time I'd ever seen the billion dollar baby. His set list covered his best, most popular material: "Eighteen", "No More Mr. Nice Guy", "Hey Stoopid!", "Lost In America", "Poison", "School's Out", and others. No major theatrics from this grandfather of heavy metal, no Boa Constrictors, but an entertaining set nevertheless.

Up finally was Joe Walsh, who performed a set similar to his 1993 State Fair Grandstand performance: Joe Walsh, 25 August 1993, Colorado State Fair, Pueblo, CO, except that tonight the Ordinary Average Guy included die-hard-fan-likeable tracks like, "Life Of Illusion", "All Night Long", "In The City", and "Funk 49", along with "Vote For Me".

The promotors at this Army installation outfitted Joe with his own set of BDUs (Battle Dress Uniforms--you can call 'em "camouflage fatigues"), complete with left and right name tags reading his first and last names, respectively. Joe, with short hair since the 1994-1995 Eagles reunion, actually fit into this attire quite well.

This show required a per-person investment of only $5. Though the show didn't offer many surprises, it was very enjoyable nevertheless, easily worth five times the admission, and perhaps the best event of 1997. My hat's off to the performers and the dedicated soldiers of Fort Carson.

[****] - Steven T.


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