5 October 1989

McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, CO


Having heard REM on the airwaves for years, I must honestly state that I've never gotten into this band. But, given that one of their influences was the Byrds (one of my favorite groups), and given Peter Buck's use of Rickenbacher guitars, I accepted an invitation of a co-worker to see them live, in hopes that their on-stage sound would surpass their studio productions. She was a little disappointed; I was soundly disappointed.

When the show opened, lead singer Michael Stipe appeared, dressed in a oversized greyish-silver suit, almost as if he was trying to look like David Byrne. The group chose "Stand" as the opener. I think my Army friend once captured the essense of that song, dubbing it, "Sesame Street Music".

I do like their song, "Orange Crush", but that's about it. You know the phrase, "When you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything." As such, this review shall end.

[**] - Steven T.


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