19-25 July 2009

Concert event centers that advertise gate times, and fail to open said gates long after said advertised gate times, while people are exposed to violent thunderstorms.

12-18 July 2009

Web browser sessions that indicate "Done" in the lower-left-hand corner when in fact CPU-hogging information continues to load.

5-11 July 2009

Government-funded, public property beauty bark that is entirely washed away by one thunderstorm.

28 June - 4 July 2009

Diners that get a lunch order wrong, and then return 15 minutes later with the order corrected, but with the same fries, now cold.

21-27 June 2009

Supermarkets with forklifts full of groceries sitting and blocking the aisles.

14-20 June 2009

Restaurants with incompetent and/or careless dishwashers.

7-13 June 2009

Landscapers who require education from homeowners on proper drainage grading.

31 May - 6 June 2009

Online music audio samples that play the least significant portions of songs.

24-30 May 2009

Hyper-sensationalized reviews of GAO reports.

17-23 May 2009

Malfunctioning zip-lock bags.

10-16 May 2009

Jordan almonds.

3-9 May 2009

Parking lots with limb-sized cracks in the pavement.

26 April - 2 May 2009

Higher headquarters agencies who express displeasure with degraded mission effectiveness resulting from their own micromanagement.

19-25 April 2009

Program managers who, out of jealousy, are ungrateful for outside agency help.

12-18 April 2009

  Downward-facing attic vents barely held in place with nails.

5-11 April 2009

Coin currencies with production costs greater than their monetary value.

29 March - 4 April 2009

Restaurant employees who don't understand what you're ordering, despite your reading, verbatim, the exact wording on the menu.

22-28 March 2009

New ball-point pen refills that malfunction shortly after purchase.

15-21 March 2009

Terrestrial television network affiliates that lose High Definition when overlaying local station identification information.

8-14 March 2009

People who confuse "damping" with "dampening".

1-7 March 2009

Shampoo bottle caps that collect large amounts of water when placed upside down.

22-28 February 2009

Online surveys that refuse to process unless all questions are answered.

15-21 February 2009

Managers who react to feedback by mischaracterizing the feedback and then subsequently criticizing the resultantly twisted pseudo-feedback.

8-14 February 2009

Government organizations that mistreat whistleblowers.

1-7 February 2009

Consolidation for the sake of keeping with a fad.

25-31 January 2009

Indecisive FCC actions.

18-24 January 2009

Restaurants with beverage-soaked sugar packets.

11-17 January 2009

Administrative offices whose disorganization manifests at the expense of incovenience for everyone else.

4-10 January 2009

Liaisons who refuse to conduct organizational interactions.

28 December 2008 - 3 January 2009

So-called "timing experts" who fail to comprehend Leap Seconds.

21-27 December 2008

States that attempt to legislate morality.

14-20 December 2008


7-13 December 2008

Computers that, when you enter the backspace key to edit text in a URL addresses, confusingly send you to previous websites in those browser sessions.

30 November - 6 December 2008

Non-emergencies treated as emergencies.

23-29 November 2008

The current limitations of the Defense Travel System (DTS).

16-22 November 2008

Government employees who are not busy, and yet resist upholding their responsibilities.

9-15 November 2008

Non-medical doctors who insist on requesting people call them "doctor".

2-8 November 2008

Government agencies who provide misleading characterizations of proposals they author.

26 October - 1 November 2008

Retired scientists who waste other people's time & money with nonsensical "vision"s.

19-25 October 2008

Grossly inaccurate information on the Digital Television transition.

12-18 October 2008

Web browser windows that fail to stop processing after clicking STOP.

5-11 October 2008

People who fail to coordinate, and at the same time criticize inadequate coordination.

28 September - 4 October 2008

Restaurants with defective carbonated beverage dispensers.

21-27 September 2008

MIlitary overobsession with tactical exploitation.

14-20 September 2008

Politicians who contradict objectives of fiscal discipline with budget plans mathematically unable to meet such goals.

7-13 September 2008

Neighborhood construction workers who use private home owner's power outlets without permission.

31 August - 6 September 2008

Flimsy filters.

24-30 August 2008

Contractors disrespectful of Government priorities.

17-23 August 2008

Razors with cartridges more expensive than whole disposable razors.

10-16 August 2008

Unsolicited newspaper deliveries.

3-9 August 2008

Unnecessary overreaction.

27 July - 2 August 2008

Cultural failure to understand the importance of personal responsibility/accountability.

20-26 July 2008

Businesses lacking adequate fraud identification/prevention offices.

13-19 July 2008

Supermarkets featuring "self-checkout" aisles with clerks who insist on interfering by trying to help.

6-12 July 2008

Digital television channels with poor audio/video synchronization.

29 June - 5 July 2008

Airline representatives that leave messages requesting return calls, but fail to identify whom they are trying to reach, and also fail to identify themselves.

22-28 June 2008

Inefficient Government service centers that cause people to wait wasteful amounts of time.

15-21 June 2008

Requests for assessments on proposals that lack sufficient detail.

8-14 June 2008

Security systems with gaping vulnerabilities.

1-7 June 2008

System modifications lacking accompanying direction for use.

25-31 May 2008

People who write on paper protectors.

18-24 May 2008

Orange juice with excessive pulp.

11-17 May 2008

Supermarket clerks who fail to bag purchased packages of chewing gum.

4-10 May 2008

Public outcry inappropriately influencing Federal investigations.

27 April - 3 May 2008

Expensive televisions without EIA/CEA-909 Standard Interface ports.

20-26 April 2008

Expensive televisions without video outputs.

13-19 April 2008

Airlines unable to honor pre-paid tickets due to bankruptcy.

6-12 April 2008

People unable to see their flaws when everyone else can.

30 March - 5 April 2008

Inadequately-tested software.

23-29 March 2008

Re-heated leftover cafeteria pizza advertised as "fresh".

16-22 March 2008

Businesses that ship the wrong item and ungratefully demand return shipment.

9-15 March 2008

Soiled sweetener packets at restaurants.

2-8 March 2008

People who criticize others just because others are different.

24 February - 1 March 2008

Hotel patrons who, while disrepsecting your personal space in the continental breakfast area, complain when their eyes hit your elbow.

17-23 February 2008

Military organizations that "game" inspections.

10-16 February 2008

Waiters who ask if you're finished, right _after_ they take your plate.

3-9 February 2008

Soggy steak fries.

27 January - 2 February 2008

Auction sellers who get upset when buyers request shipment of different items to different addresses.

20-26 January 2008

Sellers whose auctions fail to meet Reserve price, who attempt to take out their frustrations on bidders.

13-19 January 2008

Managers who make decisions against the advice of experts, eventually realize that they are wrong, but intend on sticking with their decisions purely to save face.

6-12 January 2008

Cafeterias that reduce menu selection based in anticipation of reduced volume, that, as a result, reduce volume.

30 December 2007 - 5 January 2008

Workplaces that fail to take advantage of lessons learned.

23-29 December 2007

Legislation that bails out irresponsible flexible rate mortgage home owners.

16-22 December 2007

Unsolicited free sample deliveries.

9-15 December 2007

City counsels that are inept at consolidating utilities charges.

2-8 December 2007

Household detergents that are "double concentrated", yet triple-priced.

25 November - 1 December 2007

Road de-icing chemicals that are so slick that they cause state trooper vehicles to wreck.

18-24 November 2007

Government workplaces that make large sacrifices in products/services for a small convenience to one employee.

11-17 November 2007

Businesses with insufficiently sized lobbies, that force lines of people out the front door.

4-10 November 2007

Cold joints in concrete.

28 October - 3 November 2007

Computers that frequently core because of inadequate memory management.

21-27 October 2007

Co-workers who make bad decisons on your behalf, without making any effort to contact you, while you're out of the office.

14-20 October 2007

Government offices that attempt to resolve office inefficiency by inconveniencing the efficiency of multiple external offices.

7-13 October 2007

Hardware stores with queer schedules for seasonal stocking.

30 September - 6 October 2007

Car owners who complain about puntured tires as a result of driving over someone else's lawn, and in particular running over nails previously planted in the yard.

23-29 September 2007

Product shipments that billow with cigarette smoke when opened.

16-22 September 2007

Poorly-coordinated office cubicle moves.

9-15 September 2007

"Quick-Connect" DSL installation guides that require 19 hours of troubleshooting-laden effort to complete.

2-8 September 2007

Non-universal "Universal" Serial Bus ports/connectors.

26 August - 1 September 2007

Lower level corporate managers who, a) because they are unable to address an employee's concern, recommend that the employee elevate the concern, and then b) after the employee does such, proceed to criticize the employee for "jumping the corporate management chain".

19-25 August 2007

Phone books with cardboard advertising inserts.

12-18 August 2007

Cafeterias that exchange gross milk with more gross milk.

5-11 August 2007

Festivals with insufficient quantities of portable toilets.

29 July - 4 August 2007

Toilet tanks with defective seal designs.

22-28 July 2007

People who, in attempting to mitigate a problem caused by faulty assumptions, proceed to make assumptions about the costs/benefits of the mitigation approach.

15-21 July 2007

Sports bars that, by misunderstanding that a racing event has multiple heats, erroneously turn off the television channel before all heats are completed.

8-14 July 2007

Motels with excessively undersized parking slots.

1-7 July 2007

Mildewy-smelling hotel bathrooms.

24-30 June 2007

Abuse of the "fratricide" card, by military planners, in attempts to unfairly sway technical decisions.

17-23 June 2007

Mexican restaurants with labor-intensive ingredient selection processes for burrito orders.

10-16 June 2007

Managers who fail to practice what they preach about meeting suspenses.

3-9 June 2007

Airport restaurants and shops that are closed in the early morning despite numerous flights with heavy passenger traffic.

- Thanks to Bryan E.

27 May - 2 June 2007

Service organizations that discourage customer feedback.

20-26 May 2007

Government agencies that criticize use of a word or phrase, citing that such use insensitively insults a particular group, such that in the process the Government agency itself ends up insulting the particular group.

13-19 May 2007

Overnight delivery companies that make shipments unavailable for three days because they arrived at your door while you were away from home on a Friday.

6-12 May 2007

People who criticize others for not following rules, who themselves are inconsistent in their understanding of said rules.

29 April - 5 May 2007

People who overlook the obvious.

22-28 April 2007

People who a) criticize others who don't carry cell phones, and b) are invariably unreachable by cell phone.

15-21 April 2007

Managers in Space Operations career fields who have delusions of being pilots.

8-14 April 2007

Managers who direct re-organizations in response to symptoms of their own managerial inadequacies.

1-7 April 2007

  Cafeterias with stale bread.

25-31 March 2007

Department store websites selling products with unsatisfactory item descriptions.

18-24 March 2007

Department stores with sale items "Out of Stock" with no indication of future availability.

11-17 March 2007

Supermarkets with items missing expiration dates.

4-10 March 2007

Managers with leadership blind spots.

25 February - 3 March 2007

Insecure managers who attack employees to pacify managerial insecurity.

18-24 February 2007

Inefficient web sites.

11-17 February 2007

Self-centered contractors who act contemptuously towards customers.

4-10 February 2007

Government organizations that act contemptuously towards customers.

28 January - 3 February 2007

Sales people who, when asked for product and pricing information, instead pretentiously preach.

21-27 January 2007

Grill operators who are easily confused.

14-20 January 2007

Parking lots with "5 MPH" signs, as well as "Speed Bump: 15 MPH" signs.

- Thanks to H. L. Knierim

7-13 January 2007

Standardization for the sake of standardization, at the expense of effectiveness.

31 December 2006 - 6 January 2007

State-of-the-art technology centers with 1950's era bus-terminal-quality public address systems.

24-30 December 2006

Businesses that make poor judgments about road conditions, resulting in bad decisions about reporting for work.

17-23 December 2006

Public utilities organizations that attempt to prostitute themselves as welfare agencies.

10-16 December 2006

Operating systems that permit hyperlinks to overwrite already open pages in browser sessions.

3-9 December 2006

Computer image scanners that don't feature on/off switches.

26 November - 2 December 2006

Software patch pushes that force no-notice reboots.

19-25 November 2006

Software installation programs with time bars giving very inaccurate indications of "% remaining".

12-18 November 2006

Salt and pepper packets that fail to maintain structural rigidity and thus malfunction during opening.

5-11 November 2006

Department stores that do not offer rain checks for out of stock items.

29 October - 4 November 2006

Politicians who state, ".....and I approved this message.....BECAUSE.....".

22-28 October 2006

Online auction sellers who refuse to offer a discount for combining shipping, proceed to nonetheless to combine shipping without the buyer's consent, and then complain when the buyer points out to the seller the seller's shipment to incorrect addresses.

15-21 October 2006

Cafeterias with filthy dishes.

8-14 October 2006

People who insist on being in control of decisionmaking, but fail to actually make decisions.

1-7 October 2006

Crowds of people uselessly standing immediately adjacent to baggage carousels.

24-30 September 2006

Vending machines with products well past expiration dates.

17-23 September 2006

People incapable of performing legal interpretation of documentation, who nonetheless profess to be skilled as such.

10-16 September 2006

Garbage cans with flimsy handles.

3-9 September 2006

Bad decisions based on briefings that leave out critically important details.

27 August - 2 September 2006

Establishments that fail to enforce no-smoking policies.

20-26 August 2006

Remastered CDs with "bonus tracks" which turn out to be only mild EQ remixes of tracks existing on the original album.

13-19 August 2006

Humans who make ecological changes that appear positive in the short-term, but cause adverse environmental impacts in the long-term.

6-12 August 2006

Local weather newscasters who fail to complete their report within the time span alloted by the network.

30 July - 5 August 2006

Rusty bolts.

23-29 July 2006

People who forget to follow-up and fail to follow through.

15-22 July 2006

Waiters who serve a slice of pizza onto your plate without asking.

9-15 July 2006

Waiters who attempt to memorize orders without writing, and then get the orders wrong.

2-8 July 2006

Lawn fertilizer spreaders that fail to adequately hold calibration settings.

25 June - 1 July 2006

Organization name changes that don't reflect any functional change.

18-24 June 2006

People who react to problems by not taking time to understand the problem, and as a result making the problem worse.

11-17 June 2006

Impatient waiters.

4-10 June 2006

Misdirected hostility.

28 May - 3 June 2006

Credit card companies advertising longevity benefits, that change benefits right before the realization of benefits for "business reasons".

- Thanks to D. Malinowski

21-27 May 2006

Bandwagon jackasses.

- Thanks to H. L. Knierim

14-20 May 2006

Supermarkets with depleted shelves.

7-13 May 2006

New organizations that attempt to use naivety and ignorance as excuses for inappropriate actions.

30 April - 6 May 2006

Newspaper articles unnecessarily fragmented to multiple pages.

- Thanks to Bryan E.

23-29 April 2006

Brittle plastic.

16-22 April 2006

When attempting to play Paul Simon's "Learn How To Fall" 45, inadvertently playing the flip side, "Loves Me Like A Rock".

9-15 April 2006

People who attempt to tell other people what the other people's needs are.

2-8 April 2006

Systems designed to prevent people from doing something stupid, that have the side effect of preventing people from doing something smart.

26 March - 1 April 2006

Classroom groups with deadbeat members who drag down projects.

19-25 March 2006

"V.I.P. Seating" that's not reserved.

12-18 March 2006

People who attempt to punish initiative.

5-11 March 2006

Terrible decisions resulting from pathetically poor communication.

26 February - 4 March 2006

Discrimination as a result of police profiling.

19-25 February 2006

Dimly lit, earth-toned, stinky health food stores with boringly labeled items.

12-18 February 2006

Dress shirts sold loaded with pins.

5-11 February 2006

People who refuse your offer of advice, and then proceed ask for help in recovering from the consequences of not taking your advice.

29 January - 4 February 2006

People who fail to appreciate new concerns you raise, and instead question why you didn't raise the concerns earlier.

22-28 January 2006

Implementations adevertised as "improvements" that produce degradations.

15-21 January 2006

Aerodynamically hypersensitive garbage cans.

8-14 January 2006

Cafeterias which invoke "cost-saving" measures that prove costly.

1-7 January 2006

Irresponsible news reporting.

25-31 December 2005

People who attempt to take credit for the work of others.

18-24 December 2005

People who volunteer for tasks and then ask you to perform the majority of the work involved in the tasks.

11-17 December 2005

Organizations that require competent people to justify work performed long before those questioning the work joined the same organization.

4-10 December 2005

Violations of civil rights.

27 November - 3 December 2005

Wide-distribution email notifications of current, on-going widespread email outages.

20-26 November 2005

People who lie attempting to cover honest mistakes.

13-19 November 2005

Mis-assembled Oreos.

6-12 November 2005

Reckless decisions based on ignorance.

30 October - 5 November 2005

Negligent disregard for detail.

23-29 October 2005

Obnoxiously complicated workplace checklist changes that serve only to rationalize excessive brainstorming, but don't offer any substantive improvement.

16-22 October 2005

Sloppiness as a result of unnecessary haste.

9-15 October 2005

Bureaucrats who ask successive individuals the same question until encountering one who answers to the bureaucrat's wishes.

2-8 October 2005

Meeting sign-in sheets with insufficient space for email addresses.

25 September - 1 October 2005

Intermittent electrical problems.

18-24 September 2005

U.S. Postal Service stamp prices that are not integral multiples of $0.05.

11-17 September 2005

Natural disaster victims who ungratiously criticize the government.

4-10 September 2005

Natural disaster victims who insist that external aid is an entitlement.

28 August - 3 September 2005

Fraudulent credit card transactions.

21-27 August 2005

Hotels that charge for use of in-room coffee.

14-20 August 2005

Abolishonism of terminology for ethnic reasons.

7-13 August 2005

Policy statements based on misread regulations/instructions.

31 July - 6 August 2005

Soda containers hyperjammed with ice.

24-30 July 2005

People who refuse commitment, and subsequently criticize you for non-commitment.

17-23 July 2005

Easily modelable systematics treated as noise.

10-16 July 2005

"OUt of sight, out of mind" mentalities.

3-9 July 2005

CD cases with poor structural integrity.

- Thanks to Bryan E.

26 June - 2 July 2005

Government employees who express dislike for your advice, but proceed to immediately choose to act upon your advice.

19-25 June 2005

Government employees who cite neglegence on behalf of predecessors as an excuse for their own negligence.

12-18 June 2005

Office cubicle moves planned during the busiest week in over ten years.

5-11 June 2005

CDs not properly stored in disc cases.

29 May - 4 June 2005

Excessive use of environmentally unfriendly packing materials.

22-28 May 2005

Severely unevenly sliced pizza.

15-21 May 2005

Teleconference secretaries who embellish meeting minutes.

8-14 May 2005

Restaurant chili overloaded with vegetables.

1-7 May 2005

Fast-food order-takers who greet you with “Will this be for here or to go?”, and then after you finish placing your food order, ask you the very same question again.

- Thanks to Bryan E.

24-30 April 2005

Push buttons that wear out quickly.

17-23 April 2005

Cafeteria servers who can't speak English.

10-16 April 2005

Supermarket clerks who a) ask if you've found everything you're looking for, b) after you reply in the negative, ask which item, and c) after you identify the item, telephone a co-worker, and d) after five minutes tell you that the item is out of stock, and then e) stare at you.

3-9 April 2005

Supermarket clerks who a) ask if you've found everything you're looking for, b) after you reply in the negative, ask which item, and c) after you identify the item, tell you that they don't stock it, and then d) stare at you.

27 March - 2 April 2005

People who misinterpret questions as threats.

20-26 March 2005

Want ads in non-alphabetical order.

13-19 March 2005

Cafeterias with time-varying variety within the confines of one meal period.

6-12 March 2005

Deli ordering restrictions.

27 February - 5 March 2005

Clogged hotel sink drains.

20-26 February 2005

Deadwood managers who consume excessive amounts of bandwidth, with emails criticizing bandwidth-abusive, excessively large promotion/retirement emails.

- Thanks to Steven T.

13-19 February 2005

Bandwidth-abusive, excessively large promotion/retirement emails.

- Thanks to Bryan E.

6-12 February 2005

  Fast food counter employees who, without asking, assume customers are "dining in".

30 January - 5 February 2005

Supermarkets that attempt to sell products after expiration dates.

23-29 January 2005

Inadequately tested software.

16-22 January 2005

Meetings scheduled in conference rooms with inadequate space.

9-15 January 2005

Companies that accept orders prior to checking available inventory.

2-8 January 2005

Ungrateful recipients who accuse donors of being "stingy".

26 December 2004 - 1 January 2005

Tax shelters that encourage fraud.

19-25 December 2004

Stale cookies.

12-18 December 2004

Bureaucratic misprioritization.

5-11 December 2004

Bureaucratic "freeze" mandates.

28 November - 4 December 2004

Government-regulated "minimum wage" standards.

21-27 November 2004

Cafeteria limits on "To Go" tray usage.

14-20 November 2004

Subjective "balk" calls in baseball.

7-13 November 2004

Subjective "Intentional grounding" penalties in football.

31 October - 6 November 2004

Maintenance workers operating leafblowers in 50 MPH wind conditions.

- Thanks to H. Knierim

24-30 October 2004

Retirees who a) haven't gotten a 'flu shot in 15 years, b) decide to get a 'flu shot only because of hearing of a shortage, c) wait in line 14 hours for a 'flu shot, and d) catch the 'flu while waiting in line.

17-23 October 2004

PIzzas with pepperoni slices placed above the cheese.

10-16 October 2004

Government liaisons who don't know what they're talking about, and act as if they do.

3-9 October 2004

Customer service representatives who request feedback, and then question why you're giving feedback at the time requested.

26 September - 2 October 2004

Customer service representatives who request feedback, and then berate your feedback.

19-25 September 2004

"Illegal Operation" software warnings.

12-18 September 2004

Software applications that interfere with other software applications produced by the same company.

5-11 September 2004

Improperly sealed bags of chips.

29 August - 4 September 2004

Disorganized people who blame others for their disorganization.

22-28 August 2004

Emergency power-off procedures without accompanying power recovery procedures.

15-21 August 2004

Volunteer mail surveys without pre-paid postage.

8-14 August 2004


1-7 August 2004

Blindness caused by anger.

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