7-13 October 2018

People seeking your approval for something that they refuse to disclose.

30 September - 6 October 2018

Compound unnecessary noise inputs causing inner-ear distortion.

23-29 September 2018

People who express resentment for your input that they nevertheless eagerly adopt/incorporate.

16-22 September 2018

Mouldings sold with double-sided tape unusable due to storage dust.

9-15 September 2018

Hotel rooms cleared for check-in despite floors soaking wet from recent shampooing.

2-8 September 2018

Hotel room doors with weather stripping so thick that the doors won't shut without drywall-cracking manual effort.

26 August - 1 September 2018

Managers who criticize employees for emails supposedly being too technical, despite the fact that the manager was never a targeted recipient of said emails.

19-25 August 2018

Managers who fail to act on concerns you identified four (4) days earlier, and then proceed to berate you for not reacting within 30 seconds to their belated response.

12-18 August 2018

People who state a position referencing a particular document, receive disagreement referencing the same document, and then scoff at those who disagree for overly focusing on "words on paper".

5-11 August 2018

People who criticize whenever you fail to turn blood into a turnip.

29 July - 4 August 2018

 Upper-level managers who request specific advice, reject your advice, and then repeat the same request for advice.

22-28 July 2018

Businesses too foolish to realize that customers can see through lies.

15-21 July 2018

People who confuse [risk aversion] with [risk management].

8-14 July 2018

Restaurant butter frozen so solid that contact with a knife causes molecular shattering.

8-14 July 2018

People who refuse to convert email into HTML and then later complain how they missed emphasis otherwise provided by the original HTML format.

1-7 July 2018

Bathroom water inlet valves that fail after only four turns.

24-30 June 2018

People who can't keep a schedule and criticize friends/colleagues for not doing so for them.

17-23 June 2018

Poorly socialized construction activities causing completely unnecessary delays and backups.

10-16 June 2018

People who admonish hatred in a hateful manner.

3-9 June 2018

Service station fuel pumps with failed automatic shut-off systems.

27 May - 2 June 2018

Cold hospital gurneys.

20-26 May 2018

People who lie in the name of Christ.

13-19 May 2018

Neighbors who lack the skills necessary to operate a dog leash.

6-12 May 2018

People who feel that weird is necessarily undesirable.

29 April - 5 May 2018

People who think that all pain is bad.

22-28 April 2018

Managers who give orders but fail to verify execution.

15-21 April 2018

Workplaces with inadequate backup plans for widespread network drive problems, inducing employees to craft risky, ad-hoc workarounds.

8-14 April 2018

Public organizations that use counterfeit titles.

1-7 April 2018

Managers who direct subordinates to repeat attempts to engage with completely uncooperative parties, all because said managers lack sufficient moral courage to do their jobs.

25-31 March 2018

The countless list of Sammy Hagar compilation CDs that each are missing critical tracks.

18-24 March 2018

People who leave voice messages requesting urgent responses, who themselves are unreachable by phone and don't have voicemail set up.

11-17 March 2018

Co-workers who add titles to your name in correspondence without your permission and against your will.

4-10 March 2018

Co-workers who cite your name in endorsement without your permission and against your will.

25 February - 3 March 2018

Service organizations that fail to provide notification after an unscheduled outage is finished.

18-24 February 2018

Co-workers who order, at government expense, "standing desks", only to have them adjusted to the highest possible level, while simultaneously sitting in life-guard-sized high chairs.

11-17 February 2018

Sandwich restaurant employees who have to ask customers how to make a particular sandwich.

4-10 February 2018

Bathroom tile installers who fail to properly seal valve handle trim, permitting water to leak into lower floors.

28 January - 3 February 2018

Toilets with old-technology wax ring base gasket designs, requiring complete toilet removal to perform maintenance.

21-27 January 2018

People who carelessly confuse "LeBaron" with "LeSabre".

14-20 January 2018

People who confuse generous advice as a request.

7-13 January 2018

People who waste teleconference time filibustering in a pathetic attempt to hide their ignorance.

31 December 2017 - 6 January 2018

People who lack the courage to say "No!".

24-30 December 2017

Phony sign language translators.

17-23 December 2017

Business "price-for-life" guarantees with enough fine print so as to absolve the guarantees.

10-16 December 2017

Granivore co-workers who crack and chomp sunflower seeds the majority of the day.

     - Thanks to Bryan E.

3-9 December 2017

Pagophagiac co-workers who constantly chomp obnoxiously on ice cubes like a dog.

26 November - 2 December 2017

Interruptions to Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

19-25 November 2017

Internet Explorer session scrollbars that fail to stop scrolling despite ceased operator input.

12-18 November 2017

Internet Explorer session scrollbars that fail to respond.

5-11 November 2017

Clicking on an Internet Explorer tab, getting no response, clicking again, inducing the opening of a new session of Internet Explorer, against the will and intent of the operator.

29 October - 4 November 2017

Coke FreeStyle customers who view the entire menu prior to dispensing.

22-28 October 2017

Web browsers that continue to scroll multiple pages after one click of the mouse.

15-21 October 2017

People who claim that you have concerns even immediately after you've stated that you don't.

8-14 October 2017

People who ask you to read a document, and then won't shut up once you've attempted to start reading.

1-7 October 2017

Managers who naively believe that micromanagement fosters creativity.

24-30 September 2017

Outdoor hurricane reporters repeatedly stating, "No one should be outside."

17-23 September 2017

News outlets that misunderstand the context of "state" when governors announce [state of emergency] declarations.

10-16 September 2017

Government personnel who a) generate briefings incorrectly referencing your input, b) refuse to include you on the invites for said briefings, and c) later get upset at you for not correcting their errors.

3-9 September 2017

People who complain how your actions are adversely impacting them, yet when you ask them to articulate they cite invalid supposed impacts to yourself.

27 August - 2 September 2017

People who attempt to minimalize a characterization of risk, despite the fact that the risk is unnecessary to begin with.

20-26 August 2017

People who pull the "Best Practices" card without any supporting justification.

13-19 August 2017

People who argue with you about how to spell your name.

6-12 August 2017

Niggardly hotels with business centers requiring front desk hosts to unlock for usage.

30 July - 5 August 2017

Niggardly hotels with room refrigerators a) with removed and capped temperature control dials and b) that have default settings that permit food to quickly spoil.

23-29 July 2017

People who generate PowerPoint presentations with inaccurate information, and then ask you to brief said presentation in front of an audience of technical peers.

16-22 July 2017

People who say, "I have a question," but then proceed to talk without one sentence formed as a question.

9-15 July 2017

USPS's ambiguous requirements for "Media Mail".

2-8 July 2017

Organizations that advise changes to contact phone numbers without coordinating internally to verify the accuracy of the new numbers.

25 June - 1 July 2017

Organizations that change contact phone numbers without contacting/notifying critical external organizations of the changes.

18-24 June 2017

Organizations who presumptuously attempt to give approval for decisions outside their lanes.

11-17 June 2017

Workplace personnel who unjustifiably presume experience levels of other personnel.

4-10 June 2017

Old television shows excessively edited to generate more commercial time.

28 May - 3 June 2017

Workplace training notification emails that fail to provide explicit links to specified training.

21-27 May 2017

PCs with incessantly pesky PKI certificate problems.

14-20 May 2017

Websites with countdown clocks that depend on user PC time, thereby failing to account for time zone differences, resulting in inaccurate readings.

7-13 May 2017

Companies that spam customers with advertisements for items months prior to their "availability date", only to not have said items available for shipping on or after the "availability date".

30 April - 6 May 2017

Web browser sessions that continue to play YouTube audio long after closing the session tab.

23-29 April 2017

Coworkers who forget, for months, about food they've left in workplace refrigerators.

16-22 April 2017

PC email applications that are unable to import storage folders.

9-15 April 2017

IT customer service entities who falsely blame personal computers for network problems.

2-8 April 2017

IT clients with personal computer problems who falsely blame the network.

26 March - 1 April 2017

Weather forecasters who pretentiously refuse to correctly spell or pronounce N-O-R-T-H-E-A-S-T-E-R-N.

19-25 March 2017

Arrogant eBay sellers who criticize buyers for leaving neutral feedback following the shipment of an item not as described.

12-18 March 2017

Arrogant eBay sellers who criticize best offers that are otherwise compliant with listing constraints.

5-11 March 2017

Managers who dismiss advice and then later criticize the advisor for insufficient assertiveness.

26 February - 4 March 2017

Systems designers who insidiously impose unacceptable risk onto the operators of said systems.

19-25 February 2017

Neighboring bureaucratic offices that refer customers to each other in a circular fashion.

12-18 February 2017

Completely disorganized front desks at primary care health facilities.

5-11 February 2017

Amateur news videos featuring histrionic wannabe commentators.

29 January - 4 February 2017

Word processing programs that insist on highlighting more text than desired by the operator.

22-28 January 2017

External agencies that push files with corrupted read permissions.

15-21 January 2017

Restaurants with inadequate training to resolve beverage dispenser problems.

8-14 January 2017

Colleagues who don't realize that they don't know what they don't know.

1-7 January 2017

Hotels with poorly operating automatic doors, permitting bad weather to infiltrate the lobby areas.

25-31 December 2016

Hotels without responsive tech support for Wi-Fi problems.

18-24 December 2016

Public buildings with faulty air handler systems.

11-17 December 2016

Flimsy faucet washers.

4-10 December 2016

Personal computers that delay logging off as requested, while "Waiting for program to close: Microsoft Lync", prompting the operator to Cancel the logoff and subsequently close the "Microsoft Lync" window, only for the lower-right-hand corner of the monitor to display, "Microsoft Lync is still running".

27 November - 3 December 2016

People who believe that disagreement is a reason to not communicate.

20-26 November 2016

Workplace flakes who are easily influenced by nefarious political slime balls.

13-19 November 2016

Managers who re-organize organizations in a fashion, unbeknownst to the manager, previously attempted and failed.

6-12 November 2016

Cable television/internet companies who perform a sloppy job burying cable on your property's easement.

30 October - 5 November 2016

Cafeterias that insist on stocking items that don't sell.

23-29 October 2016

New operating system versions that invoke a new set of password rules, that not only a) aren't socialized to system users, but also b) aren't even understood by Sys-Admin personnel.

16-22 October 2016

Incompetent officials who expect critics to cover for them.

9-15 October 2016

Painting contractors who, without permission, empty paint sprayers onto federal wetland property.

2-8 October 2016

Painting contractors who use customer electrical outlets to operate power tools exceeding circuit breaker amperage ratings.

25 September - 1 October 2016

Painting contractors who carelessly operate power washers resulting in damage to windows.

18-24 September 2016

Painting contractors who stupidly forget to tape off windows prior to spraying, resulting in damage incurring a loss of revenue to their company.

11-17 September 2016

Closed Captioning for shows completed years earlier, nevertheless showing countless errors.

4-10 September 2016

Window companies that damage irreplaceable glazing when performing measurements.

28 August - 3 September 2016

Businesses that agree to appointments with customers, only to telephone the police accusing same said customers of burglary upon customers' arrival at businesses.

21-27 August 2016

Service organizations who provide inadequate prioritization to trouble tickets, despite the fact that the same organizations are the cause of the problems necessitating the trouble tickets in the first place.

14-20 August 2016

Customer service representatives who don't understand the difference between problem report a) titles and b) descriptions.

7-13 August 2016

Incompetent meeting chairmen who refuse to answer legitimate questions simply because they don't understand the importance of the question.

31 July - 6 August 2016

Organizations that pay for standing desks for people who use them only in their lowest (sitting) position.

24-30 July 2016

Agencies that have the audacity to pump other organizations for information, for the sole purpose of upstaging those other organizations.

17-23 July 2016

Bureaucratic offices that close out action items for the sole purpose of hiding lack of progress.

10-16 July 2016

Web pages with icons that move unpredictably as the pages load, causing unintentional user selection [ex:  “Continue Shopping” (desired) vs. “Confirm Purchase” (selected)].

3-9 July 2016

Software vendors that pretentiously install a new OS version on your PC overnight, and after the install succeeds, several applications no longer function.

26 June - 2 July 2016

Software vendors that pretentiously, without user approval, attempt to install a new Operating System (OS) version on your PC overnight, and after the install fails due to a utilities power outage against which said software vendor failed to de-conflict, the PC spends the next half-hour (locking out user access) restoring the previous OS version.

19-25 June 2016

Managers who perceive that opinions are acceptable replacements for facts.

12-18 June 2016

Companies that send out customer review surveys with links that appear indistinguishable from spoof websites.

5-11 June 2016

People who mistake correlation for causality.

29 May - 4 June 2016

People who submit reviews for commercial items that the manufacturer hasn't even released yet.

22-28 May 2016

Government representatives lacking moral courage to intervene as bystanders when witnessing corruption.

15-21 May 2016

People who leave 5-minute-long threatening voicemail messages all while failing to recognize that they've dialed the wrong number.

8-14 May 2016

Hotel beds facing orthogonal to the television.

1-7 May 2016

People attempting to perform professional root-cause analysis who can't even define "root cause".

24-30 April 2016

Computer systems that fail to log diagnostic messages.

17-23 April 2016

People who get wrapped around the axle in their own ball of confusion, when completely avoidable if they would just shut the hell up and listen.

10-16 April 2016

Online retailers who fail to check their inventory prior to providing online itemizations of inventory.

3-9 April 2016

Public service announcement media controlled by a password held only by someone on vacation.

27 March - 2 April 2016

Businesses who refuse to leave messages for specific employees without first demanding Privacy Act information over the phone.

20-26 March 2016

Drunk neighbors who empty an entire clip on residential dwellings two blocks down from your house at 12:20 AM on a Sunday.

13-19 March 2016

Fast food restaurant hosts, after a customer orders a numbered item, request translation to a plain text description.

6-12 March 2016

People who expect others to sign cover sheets for documents not provided.

28 February - 5 March 2016

Supermarkets with promotional displays annoyingly blocking shopping cart traffic.

21-27 February 2016

Workstation pop-ups snidely stating "Microsoft Lync is still running" despite operator actions to close Microsoft Lync windows seconds earlier.

14-20 February 2016

People who'd rather have incorrect information than no information.

7-13 February 2016

People who think they understand precise timing better than they actually do.

31 January - 6 February 2016

Online sellers of perishable items who list fraudulent expiration dates.

24-30 January 2016

Waste management companies that mandate use of their own, obscenely large, containers.

17-23 January 2016

Disorganized eBay sellers who confuse shipping tracking numbers between multiple items, and who believe they've completed shipments that never actually occurred.

10-16 January 2016

Home alarms systems that continue alarming every 40 seconds until the resident replaces the dead battery, even a) when battery stores are closed in the evening and b) though said resident needs a good night sleep free from frequent sonic interruption.

3-9 January 2016

Word processors that automatically ask you if you'd like to save changes, after you've not actually made any changes.

27 December 2015 - 2 January 2016

Word processors that automatically convert text character sequences into emojis.

20-26 December 2015

Poorly padded mailed packages of fragile materials.

13-19 December 2015

Incompetent IT offices at the workplace.

6-12 December 2015

People who borrow your personal Pentel P225 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, who then proceed to chew on the end of said Pentel P225 0.5 mm mechanical pencil.

29 November - 5 December 2015

People who name versions of working documents "Final".

22-28 November 2015

People who request review of edited documents, who fail to indicate tracked changes via redlines.

15-21 November 2015

Businesses that can't simply sell a box of equipment for cash without wasting time insisting on collecting a bunch of personal information.

8-14 November 2015

Burnt toast.

1-7 November 2015

Supposedly redundant integrity systems that experience redundancy failures.

25-31 October 2015

People who, instead of emptying shredder bags when full, compact the full bags until shredded paper ends up clogging the cutting mechanism.

18-24 October 2015

People who expect others to answer a string of questions that the questioner can't even remember.

11-17 October 2015

People who ask others to agree to wording that they admit they don't even understand.

4-10 October 2015

After selecting one screen resolution choice, witnessing YouTube automatically overriding your selection.

27 September - 3 October 2015

Attendants who intrusively insist on helping at self-service breakfast buffets.

20-26 September 2015

Continental breakfast cereal containers that pulverize raisin bran upon dispensing.

13-19 September 2015

Service industries that fail to train personnel adequately prior to a computer system upgrade.

6-12 September 2015

Undisciplined people.

30 August - 5 September 2015

People who perform Safety assessments in a reckless fashion.

23-29 August 2015

People who ask you for something, and then after you decline, indicate that they have what they were asking for already.

16-22 August 2015

People who, after interrupting someone else's sentence multiple times, say, "I don't understand what you're trying to say."

9-15 August 2015

Naive eBay sellers who criticize bidders whose bids fail to meet laughably excessive "reserve" prices.

2-8 August 2015

People who fail to understand the importance of the phonetic alphabet when reading off letters while speaking on a wireless telephone.

26 July - 1 August 2015

Hotel showers that feature magnets at the bottom of shower curtains, in a non-metallic tub.

19-25 July 2015

Sellers who list their cars on eBay, but not on eBay Motors as specified.

12-18 July 2015

Journalists who foolishly refuse offers to review article drafts prior to publication.

5-11 July 2015

Wannabe scientists who don't practice the Scientific Method.

28 June - 4 July 2015

Rock stars who bitch about people legally buying music that said rock stars have willfully placed on the public market.

21-27 June 2015

Excessively compressed, poor quality satellite radio sound.

14-20 June 2015

Satellite radio songs with typographically flawed subtitles.

7-13 June 2015

Residential double-paned windows with improperly-sealed capillary tubes.

31 May - 6 June 2015

Public offices excessively focused on metrics and not focused on effectiveness.

24-30 May 2015

Used items for sale fraudulently advertised as "New".

17-23 May 2015

Personal computer port adapters with malfunctioning device drivers.

10-16 May 2015

Sky lanterns that cause forest fires.

3-9 May 2015

Personal computers lacking on-board diagnostic capabilities.

26 April - 2 May 2015

Poorly-seated hardware on personal computers.

19-25 April 2015

People selfishly asking others to assume risk to cover their own irresponsible risk management.

12-18 April 2015

People in a hurry to give a quick answer at the expense of accuracy.

5-11 April 2015

Scientific reports unduly influenced by confirmation bias.

29 March - 4 April 2015

Household laundry detergents with grossly oversized measuring caps.

22-28 March 2015

Government-funded household hazardous waste recycling/disposal center employees presenting unwelcoming, ungrateful attitudes.

15-21 March 2015

So-called "musicologists" attempting to perform legal assessments of supposed copyright infringement.

8-14 March 2015

Managers who attempt to undertake a sizeable responsibility, who don't simultaneously appreciate the corresponding accountability.

1-7 March 2015

Periodical articles attempting to debunk myths, that in the process end up creating more myths.

22-28 February 2015

Computer systems with unpublished [password] rules.

15-21 February 2015

Colleagues who take credit for positions that they recently vehemently rejected.

8-14 February 2015

Individually-packaged fiber bars with breached seals.

1-7 February 2015

Music websites listing a "New CD" that isn't actually available in CD format.

25-31 January 2015

Shabby automotive exhaust pipe welding.

18-24 January 2015

Flimsy automotive rearview mirror adhesive.

11-17 January 2015

Airlines that advertise complimentary decaffeinated coffee, but fail to complete brewing decaffeinated coffee in the time between a) placement of order and b) flight termination/arrival.

4-10 January 2015

Businesses that fail to check [quantity ordered] prior to shipment.

28 December 2014 - 3 January 2015

Hotel rooms in soiled condition as a result of housekeeping personnel performing room service prior to check out by previous guests.

21-27 December 2014

Hotel housekeeping personnel who attempt to engage in unsolicited communication with guests.

14-20 December 2014

Motels with inadequate numbers of parking slots.

7-13 December 2014

Impatient TSA agents who try to hurry passengers forward in lines despite the fact that other, oblivious TSA agents are standing in the way.

30 November - 6 December 2014

Impatient TSA agents who don't allow passengers any reasonable amount of time to read signs that the Federal government spent $millions to research/develop/print/distribute.

23-29 November 2014

Bent engine head gaskets sold/shipped as "new".

16-22 November 2014

Office chairs rendered unsafe by being highly susceptible to metal fatigue.

9-15 November 2014

Cell phones that produce exceptionally loud static upon a loss of power.

2-8 November 2014

People who deny that a problem exists solely on the basis that a workaround to the problem is conceivable.

26 October - 1 November 2014

Car sellers naive enough to believe that others will eagerly buy cars from owners who cannot present a clear title.

19-25 October 2014

People quick-triggered in accusing others of "belittling".

12-18 October 2014

Automation demonstrations that require human beings.

5-11 October 2014

Concert venues that, rather than absorbing parking fees into the price of the event tickets, instead charge for parking at the venue, thus causing obnoxious traffic delays.

28 September - 4 October 2014

Items for sale online with exceptionally poor quality accompanying photos.

21-27 September 2014

Customer service organizations that lack the goal of successful results.

14-20 September 2014

Managers who refuse to accept a decision choice because of a lack of understanding of rationale supporting the choice, yet then proceed to make an opposite decision choice despite a similar lack of understanding of supporting rationale for the opposite decision.

7-13 September 2014

Outdoor rock concerts with an excessive amount of bass drum in the audio mix, to levels inhibiting audibility of other instruments.

31 August - 6 September 2014

Aftermarket auto parts stores that, though are capable of searching based on OEM part numbers, employ salespeople who insist on searching, unsuccessfully, by year, make, model, trim, engine, transmission,.....

24-30 August 2014

Colleagues who force transparency as a result of their attempts to suppress transparency.

17-23 August 2014

Colleagues who assert policy without actually reading/understanding the publications associated with policy.

10-16 August 2014

Colleagues who ask for your concurrence/non-concurrence, and subsequently proceed to ignore your non-concurrence.

3-9 August 2014

Colleagues who schedule a less-than-one-business-day-notice half-hour-long, schedule-conflicting meeting to discuss a presentation, only to announce, at the 26th minute of the meeting, that they sent the wrong version of the charts.

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